Billy & Bethany RobbinsWelcome to BeKidd.com! My name is Billy Robbins. My wife Bethany and I live in California with our daughter. We live a very demanding and active lifestyle. Our faith in Jesus Christ is our greatest motivation to living a healthy, focused, and meaningful life.

My wife Bethany and I founded this site in 2012 after a combined 14 years of work and study in the health and wellness world.

During that time we helped bring to market many extraordinary health and wellness products, coached individuals and spoke at events.

Almost everyday one of us is asked about healthy eating practices, fitness routines…pretty much everything healthy living.

We certainly love to help and this site becomes the place for us to do so. Most of the content on this site was spawned out of these questions. We will be as real as we can. We and others we love have challenges and successes. We hope our journey and experiences will help you live an amazing life.

We whole heartedly believe that a great life begins with great health! There is no greater investment in one’s future than that of health.