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  1. Ava
    Ava at | | Reply

    Looks gross taste great! Made today first time , I just started juicing and look forward to the benefits . Not sure on how much energy I’m going to get just drank it 5 mins ago . Hope it helps I’ve been so exhausted.

  2. James Laughlin
    James Laughlin at | | Reply

    I had this for the first time last Monday. Steve made me one and brought it to the Tron. I felt AMAZING! OMG! I am hooked!


  3. Billy
    Billy at | | Reply

    Glad you like it Jamie! Thanks for the comment. Let’s keep the juice train rollin’!

  4. Billy
    Billy at | | Reply

    Thanks for the comment, Ava. Glad you like it! I hope it helped you be less tired. I find drinking this juice followed up by a lot of water helps keep me alert and energized. Thanks again

  5. Emma Rinker
    Emma Rinker at | | Reply

    Amazing!!!! This is drinking true life!!!! I can feel my cells having a party all through my body right away when I drink this. It runs through my veins like a mad rush of energy and vital life! My brain is clear and even my seven year old likes it and drank a whole glass. Now I had to persuade him, do to its rich green color, but he drank it all and said he was full! It is filling what a great meal, and what do you expect when you mix some of God’s delicious whole foods that he designed to sustain us into one delicious drink! All glory to God for His perfect design and how He origanally created these perfect complete foods for us to eat and LIVE! And thank you guys for coming up with such an awesome mixture!
    P.S. Just got a Breville Juice fountain and it works so beautifully especially for the price!!!! So much juice is extracted and the pulp that comes out is literally dry! Couldn’t have asked for a better gift! My juicer rocks and so does juicing!!!!!!

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