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  1. Ron and Rebecca
    Ron and Rebecca at | | Reply

    One word – KALE!!!

    1. Billy
      Billy at | | Reply

      Well said. 🙂

  2. Amina
    Amina at | | Reply

    What can I do to control overeating? I’m hungry every hour I check on my watch and every hour or 45 minutes I feel really starving, specially evening-night time.
    And yes, I do drink a lot of coffee, I cut some off and I only take 3 daily. I feel slow and sleepy when I dont drink it. I dont like how water tastes, so I only drink it when Im reaaaaaaaaly trusty, which is one cup a day or every other day, I take juice, cold coffee instead. What can I do? HEEEEEEEEEELP! 🙂

  3. Billy
    Billy at | | Reply

    That’s a common issue Amina. A lot of people feel hungry often because they’re eating food low in nutritional value. Eating sweets, processed foods, or other nutritional deprived foods will fill you up only for a short time. Our bodies tell us they’re hungry when we need nutrients. Try snacking on some almonds or eat a big green salad before lunch and dinner. This will help curb your cravings.

    Water is really great. If you don’t like the taste try adding some fruit to a pitcher of water. I like strawberries and kiwi, but most fruits and veggies can give water a unique taste. It’s ideal to drink half our weight in ounces. I weigh 150 lbs so I should be drinking 75 oz of water a day. That may seem like a lot but work up to it, you’re body will reward with more energy and vitality!

    Coffee is hard to break. Very hard. The problem is when we try to get off of caffeine we will go through a withdrawal phase. For people who drink a lot of coffee you feel that phase during the day. That’s why you need to keep drinking it.

    Working out or juicing greens can be a nice way of adding energy while you’re detoxing your body. But, you’re still going to feel funny for a few days. Just expect it. You can also expect it to go away. The more alkalizing foods you eat the easier it will be.

    You can do it Amina!

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